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Yuki Myouri...My Tibetan Terrier

My Dog

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Know more about YUKI...

Breed: Tibetan Terrier
Color: White w/ cream marking on left ear
Birthday: September 23, 2004
Gender: Female
Name of Dam: Snoopy
Name of Sire: Jack
Love at first site : November 06, 2004
Location :Al-Khobar ,Saudi Arabia
Owner: Michelle Angela Faye Dizon



It is said,that the origin of the Tibetan Terrier,more correctly known as the Tibetan Dhokyi Apso,began over two thousand years ago,in the Lost Valley of Tibet,11000 feet above sea level,in the mountainous region of the Himalayas.

They were raised in the monasteries by Lamas,the Buddhist monks,hence the name Holy Dog of Tibet,and were used for herding,guarding and companionship.These dogs where given as gifts to visiting dignitaries,or as a token of thanks to people who had done a great service to the Lamas.

The Tibetan Terrier was also known as the"good luck dog"or "luck bringer"and was given to those about to undergo a dangerous journey,it was thought that no one would harm a traveller fortunate enough to have been given one of these dogs.

Through the spans of time,the severe weather conditions of the region,have created a dog with a heavy dense coat to protect him against the bitter cold and biting winds,and long heavy coat falling across his eyes,for protection against the snow storms in the winter,and the swirling dust and bright sunshine of the summer.

The Tibetan Terrier is,a strong,sure footed dog,well able to cope with the harsh terrain,his large feet helping him to move through snow with ease,and to jump from rock to rock with effortless agility.It is believed that the Tibetan Terrier was quite often sent down the steep rocky slopes of the mountains,to retrieve articles that had fallen from pack animals,and sometimes even livestock,that had slipped from the trail.

Tibetan Terriers are well equipped to survive,and it is quite possilble,that the breed has remained unchanged throughout the centuries.


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May The Luck Be With You...

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